There are variations to each word, and for each character within the word, there are numerous ways to capture its essence. There are infinite different ways to express each word, but the choice of whether the character ʺplayʺ is stylized, abstract or ancient have very specific end results. Though the meaning of the character itself remains the same, its different styles bring forth an expression that can only be captured through a certain style. And within the style, there are different modes of expressing them, whether the piece is reversed, or hints of color start to emerge from the brush strokes. Once again, each choice is a very deliberate and conscious decision a calligrapher has to make. There is no set standard for what is better than another, but it reinforces the true idea of calligraphy, where each piece is an interpretation of a moment. All of these works explore the depth of Japanese Calligraphy to give it a new take on the ancient discipline.