Sun and Moon Shines in Equilibrium

Tokyo, Japan, 2016 | Interior

In Japan, there are many full renovations of apartments that incorporate lifestyle designs into the concept of the project. As soon as you enter into the space, you are greeted by a unique sense of the lifestyle that unfolds within the unit, and find that Japanese styles have been integrated throughout the interior. A subtle artistic essence is being brought into the interior design of these spaces. This calligraphy piece is made for the entrance of one such project. A series of 1m by 4m panels were created to produce a set of doors that house a functional storage area behind them. “Sun and Moon Shines in Equilibrium” is an old saying, which expresses the sentiment that we are “all in this together”—immersed in the same world, facing the same kinds of situations, and sharing the same struggles. This phrase is written in the ancient style within an abstract framework. In doing so, the calligraphy accentuates the originality and functionality of the space. This piece no longer confines itself to the role of art in the traditional sense, but immerses itself as an active participant within the world of the inhabitants, applying itself to the performance of a function and integrating itself into their lifestyle. The piece suggests the space of a flat ontology in which objects of diverse types, both human and non-human, are “all in this together.”