Poetics of the Forest: Extension of Nature

Waterloo, Canada, 2016 | Interior

Working closely with the architects, this unique piece was made for an exterior wall of an extension of a residence surrounded by a forest. The character is Jurin, which translates to Poetics of the Forest. This particular character was chosen to fill a 5 by 2 meter concrete wall that faces a forest of Maple trees. The driving force behind this monumental work was to create a dialogue of mirroring and inflection between the two surfaces; the character of the forest and the forest in front of it share an ineffable resonance. The calligraphy wall can harmonize with the changing winds of the seasons, can bask in the sunshine or the moonlight, and move with the sunset. The serene beauty of this calligraphic piece arises from the dignified posture it strikes as it stands both within and apart from its natural environment.