Kioicho Mitani: Contemporary Tradition

Tokyo, Japan, 2016 | Interior

Kioucho Mitani, Chef Mitani’s second restaurant in Tokyo, was opened in July of 2016, located at the Tokyo Garden Terrace Complex. Noriko was invited to prepare a logotype for the restaurant, and large-format works for its interior.  The panels for the main door and private dining room are formed of handmade washi paper, across whose expansive surfaces the calligrapher has composed a phrase from an ancient writing. The meaning of the piece is to enjoy the moment so fully one forgets to go home. This feeling of the present moment being so wonderful you do not want to leave, was captured through the movement of the brush and the gradation of the ink. The traditional phrase this piece depicts is expressed in a contemporary style to capture the essence of the Mitani restaurant.


2016年7月にオープンした東京ガーデンテラス紀尾井町の紀尾井町三谷のロゴタイプとインテリアを作成。メーンの扉と個室の扉を大判の越前和紙の書で制作。題材は和漢朗詠集の一節「花下忘帰因美景 樽前勧酔是春風」から「忘帰」を筆の動きに主体をおき、墨色の濃淡を使って現代的な仕立てで。もう1点は「日月無私照」をシンプルな古代文字のアレンジで。