Moriyama Logotype: Signage for the Moriyama Nikkei Heritage Center

Toronto, Canada, 2014 | Media

The Moriyama Heritage Center is a new addition the Japanese Canadian Cultural Center in Toronto. For the Center’s signage, Noriko created a work that reflects on the status of Japanese culture in a Canadian context. The character "Mori", which stands for strong, mountain, and tall, is rendered in Kanji, with a stylistic expression that allows the character to stand on its own, apart from more traditionally conceived expressions. The result is something Japanese at its core, but which provides a space for non-traditional interpretations and individual readings. The sign tells a story of Japanese culture as an idea, and inner core, which stands strong even as its outer expression changes, passing through and through drastic shifts and evolving into new forms of expression.

トロント日系文化会館/森山ヘリテージセンター、 そのメインロゴタイプとなる「森山」の文字を揮毫。 力強さ、自然なラインの美しさをベースに 日本の漢字の特徴である「意味」を表現した書。 悠久の昔から受け継がれてきた日本の文字、 日本の書に現代的なデザイン、創造性を加えた作品。