Denenchofu Sakura Zaka: Lecture on Calligraphy and History

Tokyo, Japan, 2016 | Interior

Denenchofu Sakura Zaka is a charming address whose name means “the hill of the cherry blossoms.” This site is located within a development of single family houses.  Prepared for the model house, this piece draws inspiration from the name of this unique address, taking its cues from the shape of the twigs that grow on the cherry blossom tree, the gently falling petals that adorn the ground beneath its branches, and the faint smells of the cherry blossom season. To achieve this, ancient inks of red and blue color were used to evoke the memory of cherry blossoms. A large void in the piece allows the viewer to complete the pieces, filling the void space with their own memories of cherry blossoms.


「田園調布 桜坂」というチャーミングなアドレスの一戸建て分譲住宅モデルハウス、エントランスのインテリア。地名にちなみ「桜」の文字を、桜の木の枝ぶり、はらはらと舞い散る桜の花びら、桜月夜、、、をイメージして書いた作品。古代からの色墨と青墨を使い桜色で書いた書は、大きな余白に見る人がそれぞれに桜の景色を思い浮かべる書に仕上がった。