Gallery Gora: Dematerialization of Calligraphy

Montreal, Canada 2007 | Exhibition

The Gallery Gora show, which takes place in a private Montreal Gallery, focuses on expanding the traditional exhibition show format beyond those typical boundaries which frame and restrict its possible outcomes. The show makes major leaps forward through the exploration of new media such as metallic hanging devices and persimmon tanning dyed paper. These devices are used to reflect on the various material technologies which frame and support the calligraphic characters. The show arrives at a dual outcome: firstly, through the elaboration of the many possible framing techniques, the whole show achieves a virtual dematerialization of the frame, which increasingly becomes recognizable as a contingent material support for the persisting calligraphic characters. It is as if all of the framing technology could be suddenly removed—like a veil—and the characters themselves would remain, floating in a void of their own creation. Secondly, through the recognition of this contingency, the viewer is invited to step into the calligrapher's gaze and read the act of framing as one of artistic expression in which the calligrapher contributes new meaning to each stroke of the brush, and to the exhibition as a whole.