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A. Signage/ Logo type

Lasting customer impact is everything. Calligraphy's wide array of brush strokes, which ranges from wild splashes to melodic calmness, can be customized to fit your company signage needs in a variety of media: Corporate pamphlets, Restaurant logos, Hotel Stationery, Beverage bottle labels, Airport billboards

B. Comprehensive Space Installation:

We will curate and create customized pieces that completes your space based on the space, occasion and your desires. As a part of the comprehensive installation service, we will provide consultation, character selection, spacial design and installation.

C. Commissioned Works:

Words and phrases resonate uniquely to each individual. Noriko Maeda will select a style and touch that best reflect your desire and character. You can select from an endless variety of Washi paper crafted by Japanese artisan.  Depending on your hanging space, you can choose the size, matte type, frame style and ink variety to craft your own timeless piece.