Brydcliffe Gallery: Markings

Woodstock, NY, USA 2010 |  Exhibition

The essence of this exhibition is to explore the multiplicity of meanings at the core of each name and the multifaceted nature of every concept which finds a concrete expression. The characters for “Mu/ Nothing” and “Kokoro/ Heart Strings” are interpreted in various styles spanning centuries of history.  Various mixtures of ink allow these interpretations to find a deeper resonance. The charm and beauty of Calligraphy emerges through the simple act of ink appearing on white paper. In each of these successive movements, every new stroke brings its own voice and its own expression; raging fierceness with one stroke, and harmonious calm with another.



つくりあげた作品が、互いに向き合いハーモニーを奏でる。それぞれにかたちを作り、ラインを描く。それぞれ、ちがったアプローチ、ちがった フィロソフィーでつくりあげた作品が、互いに向き合いハーモニーを奏でる。