Warmsprings Gallery: Play like a Child

Charlottesville, VA, USA 2011 | Exhibition

Play in sea, floating on the waves of the sea;
Play in the blanket of freshly fallen snow;
Play in the wind, swirling weightlessly in mid air.

In this exhibition we have used the character “Play” as a motif, to let our heart play boundlessly as if we were children. This sentiment is represented in the ancient character of “asobu | Play”. The character depicts children holding a little flag and running around freely. Here the motif presented in the charcter is expanded into a language of form which gives voice to the many exuberant actions of play, all of which revolve around the same central point, but miss every time and instead propel themselves into a continuous swirling wave of motion. Each missed attempt nevertheless produces the effect of moving closer towards the hidden central core of enjoyment.