Curacao: Playing with Corals

Curacao, 2015 | Media

A character is a collection of features, gathered from experiences, shapes, and memories, drawn together and infused with meaning. These features can emerge from the behavior of brush hairs as they traverse and weave through the paper's surface, but these features can also be discovered in unexpected places.

Close to the South American continent, the Dutch islands of Curacao brings in the trade winds which gather in waves to bring in corals along its beaches.

The corals are pure features, broken apart from the characters which they once formed in reefs. The characters they form now on the beach have a melancholic aura that refers back to the waves, winds, and other undecipherable forces that shaped the corals long ago and over millions of years, and whose meaning may never be read. That meaning is perhaps lost forever, but each coral carries a hint of these hidden messages which the calligrapher reconstructs and interprets, one piece at a time. The characters are, at once, primitive, immense, distant and warm.


南アメリカ大陸にほど近いオランダ領の島キュラソーの浜辺には 貿易風が吹く海を渡った波が たくさんのサンゴを運んでくる。 その風と波が作った自然な形のサンゴを組み合わせて いろいろな文字を作ってみると なんだか懐かしいような とてもあたたかいような そして素朴な文字が出来上がる