Hot Brands Corporation Dubai

"Designing the Logotype and Interior Pieces for Hot Brands Corporation"

Abu Dhabi, 2009 | Interior


Identity design for Japanese restaurants in Dubai presents the calligrapher with a unique challenge. Since these Japanese restaurants are operating abroad, the use of calligraphy in signage gives the aura of Japanese identity, while the forms depicted must remain legible as alphabetical characters. Depending on the type of the restaurant, whether it be a casual fast food diner or a 6 star restaurant, the style of character has been carefully selected to reflect the space and usage. This collection includes pieces for three restaurants: Haru, Sugoi and Momotaro. The calligraphy for each restaurant is used on signs, in menus, for centerpieces, and as integral elements of the interior design.


SUGOI, HARU,のロゴタイプ