JCCC Exhibition 2019

Toronto, Canada, 2019 | Exhibition

In giving visual expression to language a calligrapher sends ripples through the flow of time. In exploring the foundations of one calligrapher’s work and thought, a book can give expression to the spirit of calligraphy. In exploring the structure of such a book, an exhibition releases these reflections back into the flow of time.

To commemorate the launch of Noriko Maeda Foundations, this exhibition displays the collection of original works prepared for Noriko’s 2018 publication. These works are accompanied by a display of the book and a documentary film on Noriko’s process, which together explore the broad spectrum of expressive powers harnessed by the calligrapher. In an odyssey though sight, language, and time, the exhibition mirrors the structure of the book, reveals the inner workings of Noriko’s art, and frames a calligrapher’s view on the foundations of Japanese calligraphy.

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