Nichi Getsu / Sun and Moon

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Nichi Getsu / Sun and Moon


Confucius’ sayings about the sun and moon are like the celestial bodies themselves. Regardless of the day or month, they continue to illuminate those who look for them, and those who don’t know that they are seeing by their light alike. This piece combines the characters of sun and moon to show diverse ways that the light of an idea can reveal itself to the attentive observer. 



  • Paper size: 6 1/4” (h) x 6 1/4” (w)

  • Frame size: 10" (h) x 10" (w)

  • Sumi ink on handmade Ganpi paper

This piece includes the artist's seal which authenticates the original work.

All our products offer the highest quality "Ready-To-Hang" comprehensive service, which  includes:

  • Original art work

  • Wet Mounting: best method to preserve Japanese paper

  • Professional Framing: metallic gold

  • Matte Boards: white matte board pre-cut and pre-arranged

  • Non-Glare Plexi Glass : high grade non-shattering material optimal for preserving and protecting art pieces

  • Hanging hooks : 2 hinges and wires pre-installed in the back

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