Film - Noriko Maeda: Foundations

Canada, 2018 | Media/Exhibition

Calligraphy is more than the two-dimensional representation it appears to be. Even though its expressions unfold across nearly flat sheets of paper, Calligraphy is a multidimensional art.

In calligraphy, you can feel the eternal flow of time breaking through into a visible form. As a brushstroke traverses the paper, it converses with the ancient past, and its movement carries forward into the future.

In calligraphy, you can feel sound. As ink weaves through the strands of a brush, sounds of rainfall and wind become tangible.

The film captures calligraphy in motion: The brush dancing, and ink rushing through the paper fibers. The multi-valence of calligraphy can be seen only in time.

The film was produced by David Michael Lamb and John Northcott of Mail and Plate.

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